Orchestras, colleges and event calendars offer a reflection of an increasingly shrinking musical world. In this environment the numerous, competing, young instrumentalists from diverse countries and regions expect a focused study program that will develop the skills necessary for a permanent, professional life as a musician, either as a solo, orchestral or chamber music performer, or as a teacher.
With this goal in mind, I value a solid, technically-based teaching method with an emphasis on stylistic and practical performance aspects of playing. The ability to recognize, evaluate and bring out varying musical contexts and interrelationships in an emotionally compelling way is essential to interpretation.
Appearance, presentation and mental stability are more important than ever. Through my experience working with major orchestras such as the Staatskapelle Berlin, Staatskapelle Dresden, Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra and the Berlin Philharmonic, as well as with important artists in chamber music formations, I have established the strengthening of artistic capabilities in my students as an essential goal of my pedagogical work.

The realization that one can't start to develop talent too early has led to the establishment of the
YOUNG ACADEMY ROSTOCK Institution (YARO). Particularly gifted students from the age of 8 upward will participate in workshops and receive consultation from university lecturers. A short aptitude test will determine acceptance. As a professor at the Rostock University for Music and Theatre, I'm deeply interested in taking an active role in fostering new talent, mentoring young musicians, and preparing them for acceptance to universities and conservatories.

On the following pages you will find some information about my current educational activities, my students, and a short list of some of my most successful students and academists of the past.